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Google Maps is in the TOP 3 authoritative sites where people study reviews about companies. Rating and reviews on this service often become a decisive factor when choosing a beauty salon, hotel, restaurant, medical institution, service center or other company. Therefore, it is so important to monitor the reputation on Google Maps and monitor user comments.

How does a customer choose a business on Google Maps?

Rating and reviews score

Rating matters a lot. If the company's overall score is 4.5 or higher, then trust will be high. Most clients opt for such organizations. When assessed from 4 to 4.5, the user may doubt the quality of the services provided or the goods sold. In this case, feedback is often the deciding factor. Companies with a rating below 4 are less trusted by customers and usually go to competitors.

Studying information about the company, users also look at the reviews themselves, both negative and positive. Customers note that other people praise, what they had to face, what quality the purchased goods or services were, and so on. If a person does not like the reviews or he suspects cheating, then the choice will most likely be made in favor of another company.

Accounts from which reviews are posted

When monitoring reviews, the client also looks at the accounts from which they are posted. On Google Maps, you can see the profile history, other comments of the user and addresses of organizations that he has rated. Based on this information, the client can conclude whether the person publishes real or fake reviews.

For example, if there is only 1 review in the commentator's account and it concerns the company under study, then such a review will be regarded as a custom one. Moreover, the client may lose confidence in the company itself, suspecting it of cheating the rating.

The same principle works in reverse as well. If the client sees that the commentator's account is already a year old, and most of his reviews are published on companies from the same region, then his trust will be high.

How to maintain a high ranking of the company on GMB?

Customers rarely write good reviews on the Internet, even if everything suits them. Having received a quality product or service, a person is more likely to tell his friends about the company and is unlikely to waste time writing a comment. Do not be upset about this — such advertising is also good, as it brings customers through word of mouth.

However, in order to attract people who are not yet familiar with your business, reviews play an important role. Therefore, we recommend maintaining the company’s rating manually.

The Invisible company is engaged in writing and posting positive reviews on Google Maps within America. We have batches of accounts for each region. For example, only for Los Angeles there are already 2000 of them.

If you need to improve the ranking of a company on Google Maps, you can contact us. The cost of placement depends on the number of reviews you order.

Benefits of working with us:

  1. We work on a postpaid basis. We place reviews, the client checks them, and only after that he pays the bill.
  2. We publish reviews only from old and authoritative accounts. Our comments immediately rise to the top of the list of reviews and are shown to customers as a priority.
  3. We pay attention to the account from which the feedback is left — male or female. This may be important for some business areas, such as a beauty salon or a clothing store.
  4. We do storytelling, that is, we write a short story in the reviews. Such comments are more trusted, because they see behind them a real person who is faced with a certain situation.

For example, if a pet store orders a review from us, then from the same account we will additionally leave a review for the veterinary clinic that the person allegedly contacted. A story will be built from the chain of reviews, which shows that the client really has a pet and uses the services of such organizations.

It is advisable to publish new positive reviews no more than every 2-3 days. A pause between publications is needed so that the rating does not look cheated.